5710 Flail Mower/Shredder  

The Hiniker 5710 Flail Mower/Shredder is the ideal
machine for mowing, defoliating, and residue shredding
operations. Its 32-Knife flail cylinder cuts a big 6 foot
(1.83 M) swath through grass, weeds, or crop residues.
High-vacuum cupped knives create plenty of suction
to draw material up off the ground, assuring neat and
thorough mowing and shredding. Cutting height is easily adjusted with either a manual ratchet jack or a hydraulic cylinder. And all Hiniker 5710’s include constant-velocity P.T.O. drive shafts and overrunning driveline clutches as standard equipment, to protect driveline components from excess wear and tear during turns and when shutting down the P.T.O.


 5710 Components

A constant-velocity P.T.O. shaft protects the driveline
during turns, reducing wear on drive components.

32 high-vacuum knives provide
cutting and blowing action, eliminating
separate conveyors and blowers.
 5710 Flail Mower Shredder Specifications
Cutting Width Cutting Height P.T.O. RPM Weight (w/tires) Knives--qty & type Rim Size
6 Feet (1.83 M)
2-10 in. (5-25 cm)
1580 lb (718 kg)
32 Cup Knives
5.5 x 15 inch
Optional Equipment - Hydraulic cylinder or ratchet jack for cutting height control. - 7.60 x 15 Ribbed tires (as shown)
Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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