5710 Flail Forage Harvester  

Whether you’re chopping green forage for cattle feed
or shredding crop residues after harvest, you’ll find that
the Hiniker 5710 Flail Forage Harvester offers
outstanding versatility from a simple, reliable design. By
using the 32-knife flail cylinder as both cutter and impeller,
the expense and maintenance of a separate conveyor and
blower system is eliminated. The adjustable discharge
spout assures even front-to-rear loading. Or you can open
the rear discharge door to bypass the spout and spread
material evenly on the ground. Cutting height ranges from
2-10 inches (5-25cm) and can be controlled with a manual
ratchet jack or by a hydraulic cylinder. An adjustable
shearbar changes the length of cut of the harvested
material. To keep things running smoothly, all 5710’s come
with constant-velocity P.T.O. drive shafts and overrunning
driveline clutches, reducing wear and tear on driveline
components during turns or when shutting down the P.T.O.
A slip clutch provides overload protection.

 5710 Components

Adjustable discharge spout is
controlled from the tractor seat for
easy, even loading.

A constant-velocity P.T.O. shaft protects the driveline during turns, reducing wear on drive components.

32 high-vacuum knives provide
cutting and blowing action, eliminating
separate conveyors and blowers.
 5710 Flail Forage Harvester Specifications
Cutting Width Cutting Height P.T.O. RPM Weight (w/tires) Knives--qty & type Rim Size
6 Feet (1.83 M)
2-10 in. (5-25 cm)
1880 lb (855 kg)
32 Cup Knives
5.5 x 15 inch
Optional Equipment - Hydraulic cylinder or ratchet jack for cutting height control. - 7.60 x 15 Ribbed tires (as shown)
Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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