6000 Side-dress Applicator

A Successful Side-dress Program Starts with Hiniker

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The Hiniker 6000 7-Ton Side-dress Applicator provides precision placement of granular fertilizers. Splitting fertilizer applications through side-dressing can help you achieve stronger yields, while remaining environmentally responsible and cost conscious. Split fertilizer applications can improve your fertility program in several ways.

Timed properly, a second fertility application with the Hiniker 6000 Side-dress Applicator can give your crop the nitrogen (N) it needs at the time it needs it most. Also, through a precision side-dress application, fertilizer is placed where it's needed most, at the roots of the plant. This minimizes potential for lost fertilizer due to run-off or leaching, while improving fertilizer uptake. By maximizing fertilizer effectiveness, you save money on your fertilizer program. Get the most out of your fertilizer and maintain environmental responsibility with the Hiniker 6000 Side-dress applicator.

  Improving farm harvest with fertility application

Better Fertilizer Placement, Better Yields, Better for the Environment

Tractor pull-behind fertilizer applicator

The Right EQUIPMENT, The Right TIME
 6000 Side-dress Applicator Components

High-vacuum 3-in cup knives

The Hiniker 6000 Side-dress Applicator is available in both 30- and 40-ft widths with a 7-ton, #409 painted stainless hopper. Both 30- and 40-ft sizes feature automatic 8-degree wing tilt for additional crop clearance on end rows.

Adjustable gauge wheels

Both sizes feature adjustable down force and 7.60 x 15 adjustable gauge wheels.

30 in toolbar underframe clearance

Toolbar underframe clearance is a generous 30 inches in working position. The 16-row model may be used as a 12-row applicator with outer wings folded.

Toolbars feature adjustable downforce

Toolbars feature adjustable downforce with both 8° tip lift, and 8° down flex.

Ground drive and variable rate hydraulic drives

Both ground drive and variable rate hydraulic drives are available.

Equal row-to-row distribution of fertilizer

Individual row 1 1/2-inch metering ensures equal row-to-row distribution of product. Full-width stainless steel agitation is standard to keep product flowing.

2"-1 1/2" Row splitter

2"-1 1/2" Row splitter for outer rows when 1/2 rate is desired.

 Minimal Soil Disturbance and Crop Damage at High Travel Speeds

20-inch rippled Clymer brand coulter assembly with low disturbance, 5/16-inch forged boron steel fertilizer knife. Coulters are individually spring cushioned with 4 1/2 inches of travel, 500 lbs of preload, 1200 lbs max.

Flexible soil deflectors hold soil and residue in place for minimal soil disturbance and crop damage at high travel speeds.

20-inch rippled Clymer brand coulter assembly
 Right Fertilizer, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place

It's been shown that using research based recommendations with split application can result in more efficient use of fertility by the crop with minimum loss due to leaching and volatilization. (Fertilizer Institute)

Split applications of nitrogen fertilizer can play an important part in a fertilizer program strategy that is productive, profitable and environmentally responsible.

Research has shown yield benefits of 8% or more compared to broadcast or surface dribble applications when urea-containing products are placed into the soil and beneath the surface residue. Plus, granular fertilizer can be a more stable form of Nitrogen and is often lower priced than other forms. Count on the Hiniker 6000 Side-dress applicator to improve the efficiency of your fertilizer program with precise placement of granular fertilizers, at precise rates!

Nitrogen Fertilizer Applicator
 6000 Side-dress Applicator Features and Specifications


  • 217-cu. ft. 7 Ton @ 65 lbs/cu. ft. material
  • Painted #409 Stainless Steel, Fully Screened Opening & Roll Top Tarp


  • 1 1/2-inch individual stainless steel and composite material


  • Ground driven with transmission, or variable rate hydraulic drive (less control console)


  • Stainless Steel – Full Length

Material Delivery:

  • Hydraulically Driven Centrifugal Fan (12 gpm Req'd)

Metering Capacity:

  • 400-525 lbs/acre (65 lb density)


  • Pull type with cart hydraulics providing toolbar lift function

Cart Axles:

  • Adjustable width (120-inch – 154-inch centers)
  • 10 bolt hubs – 3 1/8-inch spindles; 380/90R 46 (156 A8) tires


  • 12/30 or 12/16 row 30-inch convertible 7x7 heavy wall tubing

Transport Dimensions & Lighting:

  • 17 ft. 8 in. transport width. 165-degree wing fold
  • 23 1/2-inch transport ground clearance
  • Safety lighting package with wiring
  • Automatic hydraulic outer wing tilt with 8 degree up tilt
  • Adjustable hydraulic wing down force 8 degree down tilt
  • 30-inch underframe clearance (working position)
  • 57 1/2-inch underframe clearance (travel position)

Coulter & Knife Assemblies:

  • 20-inch rippled Clymer brand with 1 1/2-inch fertilizer tubes
  • Soil deflectors and 5/16-inch forged boron Steel Fertilizer Knife
  • Coulters are individually spring-cushioned with 4 1/2-inch of travel and 500 lbs of preload – 1200 lbs max

Hiniker Fertilizer Applicator

We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. The only warranty applicable is our standard written warranty. We make no other warranty, expressed or implied.

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