6000 Strip-Till Equipment

The Complete Strip-Till Solution

The practice of strip-tillage continues to gain acceptance with row crop farmers across the country. With the Hiniker strip-till solution you will realize the economic, agronomic and environmental benefits of this tillage method.

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Hinikerís shank fractures the soil 6-9" deep while concave discs capture and place the disturbed soil into a berm directly over the tilled strip, creating an ideal seedbed. The raised berms produced with strip-tillage result in a warmer, dryer seedbed, allowing for earlier planting in heavy soils than other systems, notably no-till. In addition, compaction issues are reduced with the strip-till method as a result of fewer trips across the field.

The Right EQUIPMENT, The Right TIME
 Strip Till: Increased Savings

With strip-tillage, input costs may be significantly reduced while maintaining and often improving yields.

  • Use less fertilizer than broadcast applications*
  • Minimize fuel costs with fewer trips across the field
  • Reduced trips also means time savings

*According to university research data

 Strip Till: Improving Water Quality

Everyone needs to be concerned about water quality and the role they play in maintaining it for future generations. The adoption of Best Management Practices can help ensure that everyone is doing their part. Precision placement of nutrients with strip till is one such practice that can help reduce the potential for run-off, while making the most efficient use of crop fertility.

 Strip Till: Higher Yield Potential & Fertilizer Effectiveness

In addition, research has shown that precision seed placement directly above a zone of fertility has increased yield potential. Season-long fertilizer availability is also enhanced when fertilizer is placed in the slot while strip-tilling. Also, residue remains between the rows where it can aid in moisture conservation, erosion control and weed suppression.

Strip-till practices may also benefit crops growing under irrigation. The increased water infiltration and deeper root development that are a result of strip-tillage mean irrigation requirements can often be reduced while still maintaining yields.

 Hydraulic Lift/Hitch System

Combination hydraulic lift/hitch system provides plenty of ground clearance when turning and transporting. This system lifts only the implement and not the load of fertilizer which is easily carried on the cart frame. This close coupled design results in a machine which is easily transported, turned and backed up when necessary.

Hiniker strip-till equipment is available in both 3-point mounted and pull-type configurations. 3-point units are available in 6, 8 and 12 row sizes. Pull-type units, complete with granular or liquid fertilizer cart/lift assist systems, are available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 row configurations.

 Complete Pull-Type 6000ST Fertilizer Systems

Complete pull-type 6000ST systems available with combination lift assist/fertilizer carts, including either stainless steel granular or 1000 gallon liquid fertilizer systems. Choice of 22 or 30 inch row spacings on 15, 20, 30, or 40 ft. toolbars. 22" Models require use of #81005897 row units. Contact factory for availability.

Also available in 3-point mounted toolbar/row unit configurations without fertilizer cart.


 6000 Strip-Till Components

All New Heavy Duty Row Units from Hiniker

Provide Quick Adjustments & Easy Access!

 6000 Strip-Till Features and Specifications

Row Units:

  • Parallel linkage with 8" of vertical travel
  • Auto reset for up to 10" of obstacle clearance
  • "No Tools" lever adjustments of depth, coulter and down pressure
  • 4 x 16 Dual gauge wheels for accurate depth control
  • 5/8" x 4" Shank of T1 alloy steel with leading edge chrome alloy wear strip
  • 18" Spring cushioned cutting coulter
  • 2 1/8" or 1 5/16" Chrome alloy replaceable point
  • 3/8" OD stainless steel liquid fertilizer / NH3 tube
  • 18" Non-sharpened berming disc’s with scrapers adjustable for width, angle and fore and aft placement

Row Cleaners:

  • Free floating with individually adjustable 14" diameter notched discs
  • Infinite depth adjustment
  • Heavy duty hubs with sealed ball bearings and dust caps
  • Individually spring loaded down pressure

Rolling Basket Assemblies:

  • Replaceable sealed ball bearings
  • Adjustable spring down pressure and flip up storage
  • 13" wide – 8 slat

Folding Toolbar Assemblies (for pull type use):

  • 12 row 30" – 7 x 7 x 1/2 center frame. 170° fold
  • 16 row 30" – dual fold – narrow transport toolbar. 170° fold

Liquid Fertilizer Cart / Lift Assist /
Hitch Package:

  • 1000 gallon poly tank with stainless steel agitation
  • Combination cart / lift assist / pull type hitch with hydraulic cylinders, hose, SMV sign, safety chain and lighting
  • Adjustable axles (wheel spacings 120"-155") 10 bolt hubs
  • 380 / 90R 46" High capacity tires and rims

Granular Fertilizer Cart / Lift Assist /
Hitch Package:

  • 217 cu. ft. stainless steel hopper with screened opening with roll top tarp (approximately 7 ton @ 65 lb product density)
  • Single and 60/40 dual compartment hoppers with single and dual metering. 1 1/2" and 2" delivery tubing
  • Stainless steel agitator
  • Adjustable rate transmission and ground drive components or variable rate hydraulic drives
  • Rates adjustable up to 600 lbs. per acre
  • Electric clutch shut off (ground driven unit)
  • Combination cart / lift assist / pull type hitch with hydraulic cylinders, hoses, SMV sign, safety chain and safety lighting
  • Adjustable axles (wheel spacings 120"-155") 10 bolt hubs
  • 380 / 90R 46" High capacity tires and rims
 Granular Fertilizer System Skid*

Granular Fertilizer System Skid
  • Available as 155 cubic foot (5 ton capacity) or 217 cubic foot (7 ton capacity) stainless steel hopper
  • 16 Individual stainless steel meters for accurate row to row product distribution
  • 4" x 6" Tubular skid frame
  • Hydraulically driven blower system (12 GPM flow required)

       * Special order items. Contact factory for details.

 Pull-Type Strip-Till with Rear Wheel Lift

Pull-Type Strip-Till with Rear Wheel Lift

Hiniker 12 and 16 Row Pull-Type Strip-Till Toolbars with Rear Wheel Lift Assembly

Use to pull NH3 Tanks, Liquid Supply Tanks and Pull Behind Granular Fertilizer Systems.

Pull-Type Strip-Till with Rear Wheel Lift

We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. The only warranty applicable is our standard written warranty. We make no other warranty, expressed or implied.

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