8160 Components
The 8160 Control Console is compact enough to mount in any convenient location. The display provides simultaneous readouts of two functions at once.

  • RATE-Gallons (liquid) or pounds (NH3) per acre.
  • SPEED-Ground speed in MPH.
  • VOLUME-Total amount applied.
  • AREA-Acres covered.
  • DISTANCE-Total distance traveled.
  • VOLUME per MINUTE-Gallons or pounds per minute.
  • ERR-Percent deviation from target rate.
Ball Valves
Servo Valve 1 Inch
Stainless Steel

General purpose 1" servo valve -
High quality stainless steel electric butterfly valve does the actual controlling of the application rate. This valve can
be mounted in-line or in a return line
to the tank.
Hub Plate Distance Sensor

The Hub Plate Sensor works on
all implement wheels or non-driven
tractor wheels.

Plates for four, five, six and eight
bolt wheels are available.

Optional radar interface modules
are available to connect tractor radar systems to the 8160 Controller.
HM860 Flowmeter

The HM860 is a precision stainless steel general purpose flowmeter.
It is recommended for herbicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizer and
anhydrous ammonia.

The operating range is 3 to 70
gallons per minute. Maximum
pressure is 400 psi.

Other flowmeters are available
for low application rates.
    HM860 Flowmeter Operator Manual (PDF)
Heat Exchanger

The Hiniker Heat Exchanger is used for anhydrous ammonia applications. The Heat Exchanger condenses vapor into a liquid, allowing accurate measurement and control
GPS Ground Speed Sensor
  • Simple magnetic mount

  • WAAS enabled

  • Two LED’s indicate
    satellite lock and pulse output

  • Accuracy immune to ground clutter or vibration

  • Second output emulates radar signal for an additional monitor
    GPS Ground Speed Sensor Instructions (PDF)
Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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