8160 Rate Controller


Accurately controls crop
chemical, liquid fertilizer,
and anhydrous ammonia
application rates.

  • Combined with a Hiniker heat exchanger, provides accurate measurement and control of NH3.

  • Back-lit liquid crystal display (LCD). Easy to read day or night.

  • 7 Functions: View two at once.

  • Controls up to 3 boom sections using electric ball valves or solenoid valves.

  • Audible and visual alarms, alert the operator to unacceptable application errors.

  • Dual automatic rate settings.

  • Plug compatible with model 8150, 8100, and
    Spray Commander controllers.

  • Automatic speed sensor calibration! Just drive 500 feet and push a button.

  • Simulated speed feature! Makes it easy to
    calibrate your sprayer without leaving the yard.

  • Minimum flow feature! Keeps nozzles from
    losing spray pattern when traveling below recommended speeds.

  • RS232 Communications port. Applications
    include variable rate input and transmitting
    data for as-applied mapping.


Easy Operation, Easy Calibration,
Easy Payback
 System Benefits & Features for the 8160
  • Selectable two-line digital display of rate per acre, speed, distance, volume, area, volume per minute, percent application error.
  • Retains memory when disconnected from battery.
  • Individual menus and memory for spray and anhydrous ammonia applications.
  • Simplified distance calibration.
  • Direct wiring of ball valves for boom control.
  • Remote run/hold switch to automatically switch off boom valves and put the console into hold when turning.
  • User-friendly step through programming.
Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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