NEW Cover Crop Seeding Systems from Hiniker
Featuring Stainless Steel Construction

A variety of options including 20-, 30- and 40-cubic-ft. stainless steel hoppers are available for cover crop seeding.

Digi-Star EZ 400 console with weigh bars, "universal type" mounting hardware and wiring harness. Keep track of application rates and product remaining in hopper.

Cover Crop Literature (PDF)

Depending on the hopper size, units feature either 24 or 36 individual stainless steel seed meters.

Optional Dual Clutch Kit – Includes 2 electric clutches with hardware. Use clutch kit to shut-off ˝ of metering system individually. (Requires electric metering drive system).


Cover crop seeding is a popular and effective way to increase soil health, suppress weed growth, reduce soil erosion, reduce fertilizer costs and protect water supplies. Maximizing these benefits requires choosing the right method of cover crop seeding and the right equipment for the job.

Hiniker has the right cover crop seeding equipment systems for both broadcast and interseeding applications.

Hiniker offers three different hopper sizes and multiple machine configurations for traditional broadcast seeding as well as exclusive Hiniker interseeding options. These cover crop seeding systems are designed to fit different applications in different geographical areas. Available in 20-, 30- and 40-cu. ft. sizes, hoppers and metering systems are constructed of corrosion resistant #201 and #304 stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability.

20- and 30-cu. ft. hoppers are equipped with 24 seed meters, while 40-cu. ft. sizes have 36 meters. Metering systems are available with variable rate hydraulic drive or 12 volt variable rate electric drive.

Calibration Hopper

Hand held, hand operated hopper/metering assembly. Quick and easy way to provide calibration information required to program metering controllers. Includes both black and gray metering wheels to cover most popular seed types.



Metering drive choices include variable rate hydraulic or variable rate 12-volt electric (shown).

 Broadcast (Solid-Seeding) Method

For traditional broadcast or solid-seeding applications. One-inch seed deflectors with universal mounting hardware can adapt to many types of implements and are capable of full coverage on 12- to 30-inch spacing.

Most folding tillage equipment can accommodate Hiniker hoppers.

Easy Mounting Options

Hopper systems and universal mounting packages are available to adapt to many types of tillage equipment, including vertical tillage machines, for effective broadcast cover crop seeding. Mounting a hopper and metering system to your new or existing vertical tillage machine makes an efficient, effective high-speed cover crop seeder.


One-inch seed deflectors with universal mounting hardware can adapt to many types of implements and are capable of full coverage on 12- to 30-inch spacing.


Many different “seed cocktails” for solid seeding (broadcast) are available from a variety of seed sources.

Hopper and metering systems are available with mounting kits for use on various types of popular tillage equipment.

 Interseeding Method

Growers with shorter growing seasons, in cooler climates, may choose the “interseeding” method. Hiniker offers 3-point-mounted, folding toolbars up to 40 feet in length (16 row 30 inches), along with toolbar-to-hopper mounting packages. These interseeding configurations allow for the precise placement of cover crops into standing corn crops in spring or early summer.

The Hiniker double disc openers feature 16-inch diameter discs, 12-inch diameter press wheels and easy adjustment of both seed depth and down pressure settings. Row units feature a generous 30 inches of under frame crop clearance and can be mounted in spacing as narrow as 7.5 inches. Row units can be mounted to existing toolbars from 4- through 7-inch sizes.


Dual mounting tubes enables double-disc opener mounting without hitch or hinge-point interference.

Optional adjustable tool bar gauge wheels. Available with 20.5 or 760x15 tires.

3 pt. mounted folding toolbars are available in sizes up to 40'. Dual tube design allows row unit placement without hitch or hinge-point interference.


Double disc openers feature 16" double discs, 1" diameter seed tubes and 12" diameter press wheels. Adjustability includes: easy setting of seed depth, down force and soil deflector positioning. Designed for precise seed placement with minimal soil disturbance. Openers may be spaced as close as 7.5".



Cover crops can be precisely placed in standing corn crops using Hiniker’s “interseeding” system.

 Mounting Components

Universal Hopper Mounting Package

for mounting to various tillage machines.

Riser Kit

Adds 16" of clearance to universal mounting package if required for extra clearance.

Universal Seed Deflector Mounting Kit

Includes 1˝" steel tubing and universal mounting components to attach seed deflectors to harrow/rolling basket arms on many vertical tillage machines. Cover up to 30-foot machine. Adjustable to accommodate angle variations.

Provides universal adjustable mounting of seed deflectors to rolling basket/harrow arms etc. on tillage implements. Kit covers up to 32' wide machines.

6000 Cultivator Harrow Attachment

Harrow attachment for use on existing Hiniker model 6000 cultivators, adjustable seed diffuser included.


Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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