HD Series Mid-Mounted Booms  

Better Design–Better Results

Positioning booms midway between the tractor wheels and trailer tires results in a much smoother ride compared to rear mounted booms. Century offers 1,000 or 1,300 gallon tanks with 80 or 90 foot booms. A better design yields better results:

  • Significantly reduces vertical shock to boom components compared to rear mounted units
    which often cantilever booms 3 to 4 feet behind
    trailer axles.

  • Higher field speeds are possible, increasing productivity and making maximum use of favorable spraying conditions.

  • Greatly improves visibility of spray nozzles and
    boom ends.

  • Allows shorter wheelbase design for better tracking on hillsides and contours.

  • Rear fold design provides plenty of boom to tractor cab clearance during short turns.

  • Allows rear positioning of fill components: no need to fold booms when filling: simply back up to nurse vehicle to fill and “spray away”.

A quality sprayer deserves a quality control
system and the optional Hiniker 8605 delivers.
 Standard Features

Hydraulic accumulators are provided on main and wing lift cylinders to provide shock cushioning and are combined with spring centered, self leveling linkage to assure a smooth boom ride.
Eleven-foot outer wing is protected by a self-returning, shock absorber dampened breakaway system.
Non-drip, triple nozzles on 20" spacing are provided as standard equipment. Tip selection is accomplished with just a twist. Boom clamps are stainless steel. An adjustable auxiliary spray nozzle is located behind each Trailer Tire.
Boom on/off functions are controlled by 300 psi motorized ball valves for long life and high flow capacity. (4) on 80 ft. or
(5) on 90 ft.
Conveniently located control manifold provides easy access control of agitation, bypass and rinse functions. Flanged fittings are used where possible.
All boom functions are hydraulically controlled from the in-cab console. Boom lift, lower, wing tilt and fold functions require only one tractor remote.
100-gallon clean water tank feeds dual 360-degree in-tank rinse balls to provide quick and easy in-field rinsing of both tank and boom plumbing.
Ace Hyd 150F-304 hydraulic pump provides reliable, high-volume flow with ample capacity for agitation requirements.
Century's optional foam marker provides 14 or 25-gallon capacity, dual drop bells and in-cab control console.
Spring cushioned boom “Touch-down” wheels are equipped with switches which automatically activate wing lift hydraulics to help prevent wings from being damaged due to ground contact and to help maintain a minimum Tip-To-Target distance. Visual and audible alarms are activated to alert operator when height adjustment has been made.
 Mid-Mount Versatility & Convenience
• 5-Section, 80 or 90 foot fully hydraulic mid-mounted rear fold booms
• Self-leveling suspension with hydraulic accumulators
• Heavy duty trailer with welded tubular 2" x 8" frame and 4" x 8" hitch
• High flotation 380/90R 46 or 14.9R 46 radial tires

Remember the bounce in the back?
Positioning booms in a mid-mount position (midway between the tractor wheels and trailer wheels) results in a much smoother ride compared to rear mounted booms which are often positioned 3-4 feet behind the trailer axle.
 Mid-Mount Boom Specifications
Trailer Specifications - Standard Equipment
Trailer Frame
2" x 8" x 3/8" - Hitch Frame 4" x 8" x 3/8" Design Rated at 300+ H.P.
1000 or 1300 Gallon Poly - 16" Hinged Lid - 5" Deep Sump
Cross Axle
Reinforced 4" x 6" x 1/2"
Wheel Centers
3 1/8" High Strength Steel, Gusseted
10 Bolt - 12,000 lb. Capacity
Tire Options
380/90R 46 Radial 152A8 Rating or 14.9R 46 - 8*
10 Bolt - 12 inch pattern
Combination Pintle/Clevis - 76,000 lb. Capacity
Rinse/Flush System
100 Gallon With Dual 360° Rinse Balls
Agitation System
Full Length Stainless Steel Sparger Tube
Quick Fill
Rear Mounted 2" Bottom Fill (Also Serves As Tank Drain)
Ace 150F-Hyd-304 Hydraulic - 160 Gpm Maximum Flow
Boom Control Valves
High Volume Plumbing with 300 psi KZ #CV-M Motorized Ball Valves (4) on 80 ft. and (5) on 90 ft.

Boom Specifications - Standard Features
5-Section, 80 or 90 ft. Fully Hydraulic Rear Fold, Complete With All Cylinders And Hoses. 11 1/2 ft. Shock Absorber Cushioned Outer Breakaways.
Boom Suspension
Spring Loaded, Self-leveling Linkage Plus Accumulator Cushioning
Boom Lift
Dual Vertical Slide With Hydraulic Accumulator Cushioning and 48" Lift
Boom Hydraulic Controls
Fasse Brand “Max Stack” With In-Cab Console. Performs All Boom Functions (Raise/Lower/Tilt/Fold) Using One Tractor Remote Outlet. Compatible with Open/Closed Center Hydraulic Systems.
Spring Cushioned Boom Touch-Down Wheels w/Auto Wing Lift Feature.
Spray Boom Plumbing
Non-drip, 3/4" Triple Nozzles On 20" Centers With Caps And Gaskets.(Less Spray Tips) Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.
Boom Spray Height
20" Minimum/68" Maximum
Transport Height
12' 6 1/2"
Transport Width
11' 3" (Tires Are Widest Point)
Underframe Clearance
Total Weight
9100 lbs. (Empty)
Tongue Weight
2550 lbs. (Full Tanks - Boom In Working Position)
Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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