6000 Cultivator

The 6000 Cultivator is designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop, and all climatic conditions.

Imagine a cultivator designed to work in all soil, all residue, all crop and all climatic conditions. What would it look like? You don't have to wonder any longer, because the 6000 has arrived at your Hiniker dealer.

Middleworker point and shares permit high speed operation without slabs and buried crops common to sweep cultivators. Oscillating dual gauge wheels stay clean in muddy conditions while maintaining pinpoint depth control. Convenient lever adjustments allow for instant changes of all critical settings.

Ridging & Bedding Options

6000 Ridging 1 6000 Ridging 2

Flood irrigation, ridge planting, bedding cotton, in fact whenever you need to move soil into the row, the 6000 is your tool. Flip down the adjustable ridgers and conform the soil to your exact specifications.

Optional Features

6000 Ridging 2

Auxiliary Down Pressure Springs

Rotary Coulter Scrapers
Quick and easy pin adjustments permit 10 horizontal and 14 vertical settings. Auxiliary down pressure springs (shown in red) provide extra penetrating power in tractor wheel tracks. Rotary coulter scrapers are recommended in wet or sticky soils.

 The Row Unit

Row Unit


  • 1. Highest toolbar clearance in the industry.
  • 2. Auto-reset mechanism for improved rock protection.
  • 3. Exclusive lever (no wrench) adjustment of depth, coulter, and down pressure.
  • 4. Oscillating Dual gauge wheels offer planter like depth control.
  • 5. chrome carbide point and double sided 1095 steel shares outwear and outweed sweeps without troublesome slabbing.

6000 Reset shanks 6000 Down pressure 6000 Down pressure
Auto-reset shanks provide
up to 10" of obstacle
Four-step down pressure adjustment lever for those tough, hard to penetrate soil conditions. Two 4"x16" heavy duty rubber gauge wheels provide superior flotation while “walking” action ensures precision depth control.
6000 Cultivator

NH3 or Liquid Fertilizer

Save time by side-dressing while you cultivate. Or take advantage of the residue slashing ability of the 6000 to apply preplant NH3 in tilled or untilled conditions.

 6000 Fertilizer Options
T shaped fertilizer tubes NH3 coil shanks double discs double discs
"T" shaped liquid fertilizer tubes place nutrients on each side of the row for better plant uptake. NH3 coil shanks accept
flat knives for preplant or
side-dress application.
Double disc closers help to seal NH3 in heavy residue conditions. Telescoping trailer hitch provides easy hookup to fertilizer tanks. Hitches are also available for cultivators equipped with lift assist wheels.
VOD - Variable Orifice Distributor

Click Here for More Information on the
VOD - Variable Orifice Distributor

6000 fertilizer application

 Ensure Accurate NH3 Application with a Hiniker 8160 Control System and VOD Variable Orifice Distributor

8160 Control Console

The compact, easy-to-use Hiniker 8160 Control Console will mount in any convenient location in the tractor cab, and
can also be used to monitor and control spray applications.

VOD - Variable Orifice Distributor

VOD - Variable Orifice Distributor

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Anhydrous ammonia is one of the most efficient and widely used forms of nitrogen fertilizer. However, varying ground speed, fluctuating temperatures, and vapor generated in the delivery system can cause wide variations in application rates. These variations cost money, either by reducing yields or by increasing fertilizer expense.

A Hiniker Anhydrous Ammonia Control System equipped with a Hiniker Variable Orifice Distributor will ensure accurate application by measuring and controlling NH3 in its liquid state, all the way to the distribution point.

Ground speed and flow rate are constantly measured and relayed to the control console. The Hiniker 8160 control console can then use that information to control application rates via the Hiniker VOD variable orifice distributor, which controls flow at the distributor outlets. The NH3 is kept in a liquid state up to that point, virtually eliminating vapor in the distributor and resulting in far superior row-to-row accuracy.

The display provides simultaneous readouts of two functions at once.
  • RATE-Gallons (liquid) or pounds (NH3) per acre.

  • SPEED-Ground speed in MPH.

  • VOLUME-Total amount applied.

  • AREA-Acres covered.

  • DISTANCE-Total distance traveled.

  • VOLUME per MINUTE-Gallons or pounds per minute.

  • ERR-Percent deviation from target rate.

6000 Cultivator

  Optional 6000 Cutaway Hoe Shields

Cutaway Hoe Shields
  • Get up-close weeding without the root-pruning of Cutaway Discs.
  • Rotary Hoe wheels shield your crop and eliminate weeds.
  • Open center design works in tall or short crops.
  • Fully adjustable length, width, angle, and down pressure settings.
  • Soil can be moved either into or away from the row.
cut away hoe shields 1   cut away hoe shields dwg 1
In crops as small as 3" the wheels are set aggressively with the leading edge spaced as close to the row as necessary to remove weeds but, WITHOUT the root pruning damage common to discs.    
Specifications, features, options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company


 6000 Cultivator Specifications
Sweep Share Recommendations First Cultivation Later Cultivation
30" rows without cutaway hoe shields
19/21 Inch
17/19 Inch
30" rows with cutaway hoe shields
17 Inch
17 Inch
36/38" rows without cutaway hoe shields
25/27 Inch
21/25 Inch
36/38" rows with cutaway hoe shields
21 Inch
21 Inch

3 Pt.
4 Row 36/38 Inch
2,233 lbs.
Cat. II & III
6 Row 30
16' 6"

2,933 lbs.

Cat. II & III

6 Row 38/38 Inch Rigid
20' 6"
3,023 lbs.
Cat. II & III
6 Row 40
21' 6"
3,157 lbs.
Cat. II & III
8 Row 30 Inch Rigid
21' 6"
3,815 lbs.
Cat. II & III
8 Row 36/38 Inch Rigid
26' 10"
3,962 lbs.
Cat. II & III
8 Row 30 Inch Folding
12' 4"
4,356 lbs.
Cat. II & III
8 Row 36/40 Inch Folding
15' 8"
4,587 lbs.
Cat. II & III
8 Row 36/40 Inch Folding
15' 8"
4,590 lbs.
Cat. II & III
12 Row 30 Inch Folding
17' 4"
6,200 lbs.
Cat. 3N / 3 / 4N / 4
16 Row 30 Inch Folding
22' 1"
8,540 lbs.
Cat. II & III
16 Row 30 Inch Folding
22' 1"
8,700 lbs.
Cat. 3N / 3 / 4N / 4


 Low Cost Strip-Till Conversion!

Get Strip-Till Attachments for Your Hiniker 6000 Cultivator at a Fraction of the Cost of a Dedicated Machine

If you already have a Hiniker 6000 Cultivator, this is the perfect opportunity to economically convert it into a state-of-the-art strip-till machine. Best of all, this modification makes full use of the features and performance your 6000 cultivator has been delivering all along plus the benefits of strip-till. Realize the benefits of strip-till at a cost lower than you might think!


Standard features and options, subject to change without notice by Hiniker Company.

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